Video Surveillance

vid survilance

Wireless Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring

Have you ever wished you could see what was going on in another room or another location without having to stop what you’re doing? You can’t be everywhere at once, but your Eyecom video surveillance system can be your eyes and ears when you are unavailable.

Wireless Security

Eyecom can provide and install both IP and analog surveillance cameras and digital and network video recorders (DVRs, NVRs). Our user-friendly security systems can be accessed remotely, from the convenience of any computer, tablet, or smartphone. No matter where you are, you can check on the security status of your home or business to see what is happening in real time.

Residential Security Systems

Video surveillance systems can do more than give peace of mind and serve as a theft deterrent device. With an Eyecom enabled video surveillance system in your home, you can:

  • Know who is at the door before you answer
  • Keep an eye on the kids on your tablet or smart phone while you work in another room
  • Monitor who is in your home, when, and for how long

Commercial Security Systems

Whether you are a business owner or a manager responsible for security, you know a state of the art video surveillance system is one of the most important investments you can make in protecting the property from damage or theft. Some benefits of an Eyecom video system include:

  • Receive after-hours security alerts that make you aware of potential problems on the premises
  • Safely watch another part of an office or retail store from a smartphone without the need of a complicated monitoring station
  • Keep an eye on employees or customers no matter where you in the building, in the city, or in the world

With a professional design, expert installation, and dependable service, our knowledgeable team will design a video camera and monitoring system that will exceed all of your expectations. Call Eyecom to schedule your free, no-obligation security consultation today at 1-888-9EYECOM