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Eyecom Security

Full Service Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring

Eyecom Security is a full service security company serving Kamloops, British Columbia. We offer state of the art equipment, professional installation and superior customer service. Our experienced team will exceed your expectations for enhanced security for your home or office.

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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm systems can go a long way towards deterring thieves or vandals, but without the addition of live monitoring, the benefits of an alarm system can often fall short.

Alarm monitoring for your property allows for real time feedback and communication from our security experts.  Having a live person on the line means there’s a trained professional ready to assess any situation that may arise, and who is able to obtain emergency response if required.

Should there be a potential burglary, a threatened intrusion, medical emergency, fire emergency, or environmental disaster, alarm monitoring offers the protection of live communication. Our trained personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee your continued safety and peace of mind.

Alarm Monitoring provides an all-encompassing, ‘whole property’ approach to security that far exceeds that of simple audible alarms alone.

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Access Control

Access Control Systems can be a great addition to your overall security protocol. These high-tech systems give you pass key control over your business, allowing you to restrict or grant access to staff, trades or suppliers as required.  Access can be as broad as 24/7 permission, and as limited as providing a small window of a couple of hours of access for repair work.  With Eyecom Security’s access control systems, you are in charge of who has access to your business, and when.

Our remote management software enables our operations team to manage your security access permissions from our central station, or you may want the interactive ability of taking on the administrative tasks using your computer or tablet – giving you complete flexibility and oversight.

We offer a free consultation and assessment of your security needs.  We will give you a comprehensive evaluation of your property and a no obligation quote with your budget in mind.  We are proud to offer a superior standard of service in our industry and we are committed to the safety and security of our Kamloops community.

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