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Virtual Guard Services

Active Watch

Sometimes an automated system isn’t as reassuring as a human being.

That’s why we offer Active Watch – a unique full-scale security solution that’s like having a full-time security guard on-site (but less expensive and more effective). With Active Watch, our team monitors your property virtually for 8-24 hours a day. We have staff visually scanning your property from every angle.

Our team is live, watching screens, and monitoring for alerts so that we can spring into action if anything out of the ordinary occurs. And, because actual human beings are viewing the cameras, we’re able to completely avoid false alarms while being able to spring into action and alert the right authorities the second something happens. Whether you are worried about loitering, vandalism, break-ins, or other suspicious activities, we’re there to prevent and protect.


If you don’t necessarily require live personnel actively scanning, we offer verified video services that will alert live personnel to any suspicious activity and allow them to review high-resolution video of the incident. This also provides zero false alarm coverage with the capabilities to alert authorities in real-time. Both Verified Video and Active Watch services use high-definition video surveillance technology that can zoom in with crisp detail to catch faces, license plates, and other distinct features that can be saved and retrieved in motion or freeze-frame. They also allow for add-ons and features that include line cross detection, facial recognition, and seamless integration with any of Eyecom’s intrusion systems.

Security Technology Done Right

Your Eyes and Ears On-Site

We provide reliable and effective alarm verification that includes:

Visual Verification which includes strategically placed high-resolution cameras activated the moment an alarm is triggered. Based on the images received, we can assess the situation or contact authorities while providing you with the critical information you need.

Audio Verification via built-in microphones that, once an alarm is triggered, allows Eyecom Security to call into the system to listen in and better assess the situation or to contact occupants for verbal confirmation of any issues.

Sequential Alarm Verification that is customizable and allows our security team to intelligently monitor your premises to discern real from false alarms and notify the proper authorities in seconds.

Designed Around You

Modular & Scalable: Systems for Various Security Needs

Eyecom Security prides itself on a customized approach to security at every level.
We will come to you and assess your needs, whether in a home or office setting. With solutions that can scale to the size and the scope of your requirements, we’re well-positioned to ensure the safety and security of your property and its occupants.

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