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Whatever your home or business security needs, we have you covered. Eyecom Security offers the latest tools that help you secure your property and keep what's most precious to you safe.

Security solutions built for you

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We offer clients a range of services for a unique, completely customized security plan that's more affordable than you might think.

Intrusion Systems
Intrusion systems are an excellent way to protect your home or office.
Video Surveillance
Eyecom Security’s video surveillance services work with sensors to pick up abnormal activity 24/7.
Eyecom Security helps businesses and homeowners automate every aspect of their security system.
Systems Integration
Eyecom Security is uniquely capable of integrating entire systems under one central security umbrella.
Access Control
Prevent unwanted access to all or part of your building with our Security Access control packages.
Alarm Monitoring
As a local security expert, Eyecom Security has provided custom security to Kelowna residents and business.
Active Watch
Verified Video
Sometimes an automated system isn’t as reassuring as a human being.
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